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So there's this thing called Pokémon Five Acts where you list some things you'd like to see fic or art of and contribute to a masterlist and then fill other people's things. I am not going to get to play as much as I would like because my semester has started, but I hope to fill at least a couple of things for other folks, and I'm also getting my list out there early because, well, who doesn't like fun things? :)

So without further ado:

I am okay with any rating! And I don't mind dark.
  1. genderfuckery, particularly of the non-binary variety 
  2. trainers costuming as or role-playing pokémon
  3. coping with abuse and trauma, ideally in healthy ways
  4. negotiated non-monogamy
  5. pokémon rights/veganism as a motivating force
GEN 1: Red/Green
GEN 2: Silver/Kotone, Kotone/Clair
GEN 3: umm I don't know these folks really but surprise me!
GEN 4: Cynthia/everybody, Cynthia/Dawn, Volkner
GEN 5: FENNEL., Cheren/nobody, Black/N, White/Bianca, N in general really
CROSSOVER: Green/Silver, Silver/N, Cynthia/Looker, Red/N, can you tell who my favorite characters are yet do something interesting it will be fine <3

Seriously if you are like "I really like that prompt but want to use character X instead" go for it I like almost all of the characters, these are just the ones that are major for me. Thanks for dropping by! :D

Date: 2012-01-22 02:05 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pseudogeek
Wait, how can we have veganism in the Pokemon world when many pokemon are plants? I mean, in-world the grass monkey's leaves restore health when eaten, the cherry pokemon's cherry is delicious, bayleaf is a herb and so on. You might say, "they'll grow back", but slowpoke tail also grows back and we are not supposed to eat them... So I guess you mean eating only berries and stuff, but that would be, I don't know, fruigivorism or something? And would that be a healthy full meal? Though maybe they can use synthetised food from algae or something...

Date: 2012-01-23 03:33 pm (UTC)
pseudogeek: The face of a peach-faced lovebird.  (Default)
From: [personal profile] pseudogeek
Consent is actually a tricky issue. You know in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe in the Hitchhikers series by Douglas Adams, there's an animal that wants to be eaten? He even assures the protagonist that he'll be "very humane" when offing himself to server his meat to the crew. Um. And in this other fantasy story by this Japanese author there was a planet where cows eat humans and the humans consider a honour to be eaten, going as far as getting body modifications to stay alive as they are being eaten to be able to hear the praise of how delicious they are. They are all eating with consent, the former fatal and they latter can be non fatal, but it's hard to not feel all squicked out when reading them.

So my point is that consent might not be the only thing. There's also survival, damage and other factors in consideration. For example, harvesting a field with machine may kill many small animals who cannot escape in time. They are not killed as food, but as by-kill that was often not counted. Destruction of fields in order to plant food species plants destroy native species, like real world with blue butterflies and some races of ants. Now, in real world eating plant products is still much better than eating meat because farming animals is still much more destructive than farming plants, because of the size of the land needed, the wastes, the food for those animals and etc., but in the pokemon world, the distinction might be blur. Pansage can probably photosynthese, so it'll take about the same size of land as plant-food in our world, does not require cutting down trees because it lives in forest, not a prairie/plateau like our cows and goats do and harvesting them will not require mowing down an entire field. Now the eating a pansage part. Eating one leaf is not enough for sustenance for sure. Do we eat a whole pansage to get a meal, or have the entire group of each donate a few leaves to get a meal? Obviously we prefer the latter, but when there's not enough pansage people might want the former. A desperate measure becomes habit then becomes tradition. It does not have any visible environmental impact as say, eating a Tauros, which will have the same issues as farming bovines for food in our world. We notice the damages and promote Veganism because we know that when we eat a farm bovine, it's not just killing a living creature capable of feeling pain, it's also killing the planet because of how we are farming them. But if it's something like Pansage, how do people notice that there's a harm done beside "it's my friend I don't want to eat it"? I mean, say, a tribe that hunts kakapo (a cute fat parrot) for food in New Zealand can get a pet kakapo as their friend, but they'll still hunt and eat other kakapo who are not their friends. How do they come to be aware that "wait, maybe we shouldn't eat them" in the Pokemon world?

The fact that they beat them up out of nowhere and put them in balls and force them to dogfight each other is actually not exclusive or inclusive with the food thing. Asians used to make crickets fight each other, but beside some really cruel guys who kill the losers, many cricket owners actually loved their fighting bugs as much as our society would love a puppy. They don't eat crickets. And they did fight as sort of a team, the trainer and the fighter. They also put them in a box that they carry around in their pocket (yes, they "walk" the insect). Seeing how the creator of Pokemon was apparently an insect-manic, he probably based Pokemon on that.

My personal stand in the real world is that we should farm insects and grubs to replace meat-mammals and eat algae as a complement to plants. But most people argue that insects and grubs are disgusting. It's not like they tried. They don't care how eco-friendly farming bugs can be and how nutritious those bugs can be. Or how delicious. I used to eat fried cicada before and they were delicious. Because insects in our world are pretty much switchboards with very limited sapience and the most eco-friendly farmable food ever, shouldn't they be popular? Why's nobody farming and eating them? Look at those fat, wriggling bread worms. Think about the fruity mango caterpillar.

My utopian menu: bugs, fish/jellyfish, fruits and leaves. My futuristic utopian menu: the same with algae candies.

I'm hungry. Sorry I said too much but I want to promote bugs-as-alternative-staple-food. If enough people think it's a good idea it might become true.

P.S.: Yes, I am aware that fish are sapient. But so are ants and some plants. I know that plants don't have brains, but they can communicate, so they must have some kind of sapience. And they emit something when hurt. I feel bad when cutting off their leaves for food.

Date: 2012-01-23 11:01 pm (UTC)
pseudogeek: The face of a peach-faced lovebird.  (Default)
From: [personal profile] pseudogeek
Yeah, I'm more from an ecological point of view and you're more from an ethical point of view I guess? My arguments more vegetarian while yours was vegan. And I was changing subject. Sorry. I'll keep that in mind.

To get back to the Five Acts, another question: the / symbol you use for pairings, they are just to link to persons as a pairing or do they indicate dominance/submission? Like, is Kotone/Silver as good as Silver/Kotone to you? I'm guessing that the answer must be yes, but just making sure.


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