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I guess I should actually have this!



This is set 10-15 years postgame of gen 4/5, and does not take into account BW2 at all. It's dark and includes major character death, serious violence, transphobia, negotiated non-monogamy, and some of the stories have other warnings listed as well.

Roaring Snow as Sand: a remix of kistuneasika's Moments Through An Hourglass, which is also assimiliated into my comaverse headcanon (and is seriously amazing, I'm biased because it was written for me but it is like the best thing, you could read it instead of my fic, that would be fine). Moments is Silver's story, while Roaring is Kotone's. The later two works contain all of the plot details you need to understand them, but this fleshes out some additional things. ~8K words.

New Game +: pokebb 2011 work, in which Team Rocket and Team Plasma team up and threaten to conquer all of the regions using cloning technology. Focus is on Silver, with some Green, Kotone, Cynthia, and N/Julie. ~17K words.

Collections of Elegant Formulas: pokebb 2012 work, completes the main plot arc, focuses on Silver, Black, N/Julie, Iris with a bunch of other characters thrown in. ~19K words.

No Specific Series/Universe:

Feeling Words: Kotone/Silver, a pinch hit for a holiday exchange. It's nice to write them with less trauma. PG.

Seeking Evolution: Leaf grows into Fire, Red grows into a Champion, Green grows into kindness, and a Pokemon tells a dirty joke. Trans themes, a little bit of exploration of inter-legendary dynamics, and the ever-present Red/Green. NC-17, though just barely.

Six Short Sketches: I like these although if this is the only thing of mine you read you would sort of think I am a misandrist :/ A variety of characters, stalking, workplace sexual harassment. (Why did I think the universe needed Pokémon workplace sexual harasssment fic?) Mostly Gen II and V characters, also Cynthia.

Sinnoh Liepard: this is human/pokemon porn, played mostly for laughs, except I accidentally put in a plot. Cynthia/Houndoom, Cynthia/Fennel, broken Juniper/Fennel.

Queen's Gambit, Accepted: an attempt at doing something over-clever with a game of chess. I don't think it quite came together, but hopefully interesting if you speak fluent chess, or really want to see Silver, Kotone, and N/Julie in a weird poly something.

Sing Yourself Back Together: my first piece of fic ever, written for [ profile] megageek for the 2010 Holiday Exchange; Flint/Volkner Poké-Karaoke fluff with bonus Dawn and Kotone.


In which Scourge Sisters aren't very good at negotiation, and Seers perhaps are: Femslashex 2013 pinch-hit because I felt like writing 3200 words of pesterlogs in one evening apparently? Vriska?Terezi and Rose<>Terezi.

HSWC bonus round fill pesterlogs: Eridan<>Feferi to Mother Mother, John/Vriska friendzone with bonus Dave, Karkatc3<Tavros/Equius

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Hi all!

I exist, and I hadn't written anything in a long time, but then there was a pinch-hit going unloved for [community profile] femslashex  and I decided what the heck I'd do it. Here's what came out:

In which Scourge Sisters aren't very good at negotiation, and Seers perhaps are

Check it out if you care to, and hope you're all doing well. :) Looking forward to the Pokemon holiday exchange!!!

oh internet

Sep. 1st, 2013 06:57 am
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I was looking through my webserver's logs trying to diagnose a problem and got distracted when I noticed a bunch of hits for the images from Collection of Elegant Formulas (I hosted them there because it was easiest). I got all excited: Does this mean people are reading my fic and enjoying [personal profile] pseudogeek  's art? Mostly... no. :/ Mostly it was just people looking for porn of Cynthia and Iris, with occasional requests for Fennel or specific, disturbing things to happen to Elesa. There were a couple of people who searched for fanfic (why they searched "lyra and morty fanfic" in google images I am not 100% sure) but mostly... porn. You do you, Internet.

I did get excited that one person searched for "Pokemon Silver smiling." I UNDERSTAND YOU, INTERNET PERSON. I HOPE YOU FOUND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR. <3
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So I was driving back from bringing my partner to the airport at 4:30 AM (ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and listening to the album that goes with the fic with the Lyra on Mount Silver that I'll probably never finish because at around 6000 words it completely started getting away from me and I realized: In-Universe Pokemon Tarot would probably be quite different from ours.

Brief history lesson, synthesizing from Wikipedia and a couple of tarot books and conversations I've had and that one Tarot class I took: Tarot cards were essentially rich people playing cards in the 1400s, with the trump cards (what we now call major arcana) emphasizing various archetypes/mythical figures of cultural importance, and the numbered cards (minor arcana) just having repeated pictures of whatever the suit was, much like modern American (and I think British/Canadian/other-English-speaking places?) playing cards. (Apparently in Europe it's still common to play various card games, mostly trick-taking I think, with Tarot-like decks. I want to try one of these sometime, but I came up in the This Is A Mystical Object And You Must Treat It With Respect school of Tarot, so it's always felt too weird.) The divinatory aspects came later, because the things were already rife with symbolism, and because you could make a vague argument that maybe their origin was connected to Egypt somehow, possibly, and 19th century occultists were crazy over Egyptology. Around that time I believe, although I can't find a 100% certain citation for this, occultists filled in the minor arcana with images relevant to the symbol-space developed around the majors, and with symbolism that works for them --- so a bunch of mystic Christian things, Greek and Hebrew letters hidden in things, further references to astrology, &c. (More recent Tarot decks are fascinating conversations between symbol-spaces and image-libraries, but that's neither here nor there.)

The Pokemon universe doesn't have mystic Christianity, doesn't seem to put much stock in astrology or necessarily do it the way we do, or even necessarily to have had a medieval Italy for Tarot to originate in. Let's assume that enough things are similar that a deck-based divination could still evolve, though --- what would it look like? Would cups, wands, swords, and coins still have enough mythological currency, or is there something else? How would the Major Arcana look, given that their religion is focused more on Pokemon, which clearly actually exist even if most people don't get to interact with the divine ones? I don't know, but I have some ideas, and I'm curious to see if anyone else does.
  • Minor suits: Given the combined canon of Pokemon Conquest and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, I think it's pretty safe to say that swords as symbols of authority/power and of violence would still be present, although card imagery might focus on Pokemon who also have sword-like abilities (Secret Sword, Sacred Sword, Swords Dance...) as much as humans and literal swords. Swords might not necessarily be the suit of technology in the same way, though. In the Lucario movie, Sir Aaron (minor spoilers )) is able to store Lucario inside of a staff. If this was not a unique occurrence, it's possible that wands could be more about technology where swords are about history? There's also some argument to put your fishing rods in Wands, which would connect it to water, which is traditionally the element of Cups. BUT. Pokemon doesn't have a four-element system anyway! (And neither does much of Earth, although the folks who play with Tarot mostly do.) Pokemon has a sixteen-element system, where it's common for sets of two to pair reasonably well together. We know there are three major elements --- Fire, Water, Grass --- the ones that everyone who isn't in a wackadoo side game gets to pick from, pretty much. Maybe you get three different minor arcana, one for each of those, with the Ace being the type alone, and the other cards being that type combined with another? So the numbers of the minors are each associated with a type (numerology!) and each of the three suits is both a type and a symbol? That gives you 16 cards per suit, or maybe only 14 if you don't have Fire/Water, Water/Grass, &c. combos. 14 gives you A-10 and then four court cards... What would the courts be? And if Grass is Wands, would Water be Swords, or would Fire? What would the other one be?
  • Major arcana: One of the major ways the arcana are understood is as "the Fool's Journey," a progression that the Tarot reader goes through represented by the card "The Fool." If that shouldn't be "The Trainer," I will eat my hat. One of them, I don't know which. It doesn't matter, because the Trainer's Journey makes so much sense archetypically here. I'm not sure what to do with the other roles though. Some of the archetypes we see in the modern Pokemon world seem like they'd exist further back --- the Professor, for example, might be "The Scholar" or maybe even just The Professor; "The One Who Put Together The PC System" surely has some historical analogue although I don't know what it would be. (I think it goes in the Magician slot though, and Magician isn't the worst card name.) We don't know too much about Pokemon governmental structure, though, to name political or religious positions like Emperor/Empress or High Priest/Priestess. (Also, does anyone really care that much if you are a boy or a girl?) I imagine there's a great schism about whether you put Mew or Arceus on the final card. Also, "The Lovers?" Pshaw. THE RIVALS.
  • If this is something that's developed over hundreds of years, how do you make that fit with the idea that Oak knew about only 151 at the beginning of RBY? If it's me, I just don't --- I retcon that and assume that, as demonstrated by HGSS, all of the non-Unovan pokemon were known to Kanto/Johto, it's just that some are not native and others are quite rare. Heck, perhaps they used to be more common and are now only findable in Hoenn --- or maybe Zubat starved out all of the non-Unovan Woobat population and they only survive in Unova because there's such an ocean gap. There are reasonable justifications to put any Pokemon on a card, except maybe some of the late-appearing legendaries like Deoxys or Kyurem. (And even then I am sure you could make it work.)
  • What would the original game have looked like? It could have been trick-taking, certainly, although numerical doesn't seem right; it seems like the basis of winning a hand would probably be type advantage, such that as a parlor amusement or children's game it helps one memorize the 16x16 type advantage chart. How would the majors work, then? Perhaps they just "win," but perhaps they influence the way numerical cards are calculated... like Supporter cards in the actual, extant TCG... which also evolved from medieval Poke-Tarot... which explains why all of the cards have numeric values and are suited by type. YES, I WENT THERE.
There's still a lot to do here, and also the question "how is this useful for anything?" Help? :D

On Silver

Nov. 1st, 2012 12:45 pm
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If you've known me in this context for any length of time, or read pretty much any of the fanfic I've written, you know I have strong feelings on Silver, the rival from GSC/HGSS. (I haven't read Pokespe in order to have strong feelings on that Silver, but from what I've gleaned from fanwork, I suspect my hypothetical strong feelings would be similar.) There isn't actually much canon to Silver; there are are around 20 lines of dialogue he says to the PC, a few things other people say about him, and then the HGSS Celebi Ilex Forest event where you see Giovanni abandon him. So it makes sense that different people have different ways of imagining him! I don't claim any authority here, and there's some danger that my picture of Silver is overcolored by the ways I feel kinship with him. Nonetheles here are a bunch of thoughts:


Silver is a fucked up kid. )

Here's where I'm going to veer off of the "interpreting canon" tracks and ride this train all the way into the I Have Strong Feelings About Silver sunset. The stuff above this point I'd argue based on canon; the stuff below it I'm extrapolating from the above base, but some of it is clearly arbitrarily chosen or based on my own personal preferences of imagination.

Silver has tremendous drive and potential, but not at any of the things other people want him to do. )
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Two days ago I started writing something intending it to be like three scenes long, maybe 1k-1.5k words. "Let me get this idea out of my head!"

It's at 4.5k so far and somehow it has managed to become about as much about Silver as about the characters it started off being about.


...I guess at some point it will be done and I will post it? Yeah.
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This comes out of a conversation with Sonata two nights ago that I have no idea how we got into. Also, full disclosure: I identify as both trans and genderqueer and thus have strong personal feelings about this stuff. Okay! That said.

Basically: The Pokemon universe, to the best of my knowledge, has almost no characters who are canonically trans or genderqueer; see [personal profile] pseudogeek 's comment below for some implicitly genderqueer characters, and Akari from the How I Became A Pokémon Card manga. (Please correct me if I am wrong!! I haven't read PokeSpe yet so I might be missing something.) Fortunately, that has never stopped fandom with anything at any time, so there's still fic (and art, and probably other media too) where some of the characters meet one of these descriptions. At the bottom of this post I'm including a list of the things I happen to have run into and will totally add things to it based on recommendations --- I don't get out of my personal little fanfic hole very much so I am sure there's a ton I am missing. I've run into a bunch of genderswap fic in which a character is written as if they have always been another gender/sex, but not that much where one of the characters transitions or comes into a different gender identity as a child or adult. In this post I won't be considering the genderswap fic, not because it's not interesting or important, but because I think it's a different kind of interesting/important. There's also crossdressing as a kink but while that sometimes can shade into trans stuff, I'm not really considering it much either. (Though I went and read a bunch to see if I should list any of it, and... not my kink. Oof.)

What I most want to see in fiction, at least right now, is stories with trans characters that don't shy away from discussing that transness but also aren't strictly speaking about it. This is what I've tried to do with Julie/N in New Game + and Collections of Elegant Formulas; I don't think I nailed it perfectly but I think the sense of it being important, but not the only important thing, comes through. I hope? Most of the other things I've found have been kink meme fills, and often the transness is part of or all of the kink, and so even when the stories are really well-written they are about transness and not too much else. I haven't seen any kink meme participants or such asking for genderqueer specifically, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. One of the things that excites me about stories that include trans characters is that the presence of the trans character can illuminate the relationships of the people around them to gender. I don't mean to suggest that trans characters should be used as ciphers to help better understand the cis characters, who are obviously the important ones --- that would be exploitative --- but anything that tugs at a thread in the gender norms blanketing society bunches them up in other places in interesting ways.

Other than N transitioning postgame (which is rocksolid in my headcanon even outside of the comaverse), I don't have any characters who I think of as trans in the Pokemon universe. Amanita strikes me as the sort of nerd woman who doesn't care about gender but not caring means going with the gender she's assigned because doing something else would get in the way of computers. Genderqueer Silver makes (perfect) sense but doesn't fit with the narrative in my headcanon; Cheren being a trans man makes a whole lot of sense to me but is and idea I ran into only recently so I'm not sure if I want to integrate it into my headcanon or try writing it yet. What other characters might be good choices for this? Are there characters you think of as trans or genderqueer, or think would be interesting to write that way? I kind of want to play with writing this stuff more, but I am not really sure where to go, so I'm asking both in general because I think it's interesting and also because I might try writing based off of other people's ideas to see where they take me?

Here's the list of stories I've found with some brief commentary. Most of these are from anon memes, partially because they are well-tagged, and partially because that was basically all I could find:
the list )
What am I missing? Have you written or read something like this that I should add to the list? I checked a couple of people's lists/journals but couldn't find anything obvious. Thanks to [personal profile] keltena  who helped me find a bunch of things on tumblr,  [personal profile] pseudogeek  who also sent recommendations, and [personal profile] sharonaparadox who mentioned Akari and added another link!
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Masterlist | Prologue | Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7Epilogue | Notes

This post will have notes later. Right now: OH GOD IT'S DONE, I AM GOING TO BED. <3 Oh hey, it's later.

Hi! Just to warn you, this post will contain spoilers.

Writing is hard. :) )
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Title: Collections of Elegant Formulas
Author: [personal profile] axolotl 
Artist(s): [personal profile] pseudogeek (thanks for some beta help, too! <3)
Final Tally: 19182 words
Verse: Games, primarily gens 2/4/5, 10ish years after the events of BLW.
Characters/Pairings: Amanita, Fennel, Cynthia, Silver/trans!N/Black, Silver/Kotone, Looker, Iris, Skyla, Morty, Lance, Giovanni, Ghetsis, Shadow Triad
Rating: R
Warnings: gun violence, Pokemon violence, major character death, transphobia, implied negotiated non-monogamy,
Summary: When Team Plasma returns with guns, Team Rocket figures out how to mass produce Kyurems, and the two form an alliance, Pokemon governance across all regions is disrupted. While Black teams up with his old rival and a mopey redhead from Johto to challenge them directly, a loose collection of trainers and researchers work to undo the damage caused by cloning Kyurem.
Notes: A sequel to New Game + although it can be read on its own. (Hopefully!) This story does not attempt to integrate B2/W2 canon.

Masterlist | Prologue | Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7Epilogue | Notes

Additional character portraits: Black | Julie/N | Silver
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I only managed six, but I hope you still enjoy them! I got a lot out of writing them. Twenty minutes is hard.

Song One: The Man, by The Eels
Characters: Cynthia, Lucian
Warnings: None
Driving around also allowed her to interact with other trainers — without the trouble of having to battle them if they made eye contact. )


Song Two: Reverse Engineering, by Ochre
Characters: Silver/Kotone
Warnings: Drug use, sexualized situations


Somehow I suspect Arceus is better at the moves it can use than your average Smeargle )

Song Three: Why Don't Lesbians Like Me? by The Sloppy Seconds (...why do I even have this on my computer)
Characters: Fennel, asshole!Alder, implied Fennel/Juniper
Warnings: workplace sexual harassment


So which one of you gets to be the man, hmm? )

Song Four: Planet Earth, by Devo
Characters: Elesa, White
Warnings: none


Elesa slid a nail underneath a loose thread in the chair’s upholstery, pulling it up and watching the fabric bunch )


Song Five: Mars, The Bringer of War by Gustav Holst
Characters: Giovanni, Ghetsis
Warnings: firearms
One Clone Ball, on the house. )

Song Six: Stupid Marriage, The Specials
Characters: broken Bianca/Cheren, Bianca/Amanita
Warnings: Violence, stalking


It was amazing, this feeling that she could say something and it would just happen. )


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oh to hell with it, I'll take the blame credit for this

Title: Sinnoh Liepard
Universe: post-games Gen IV/V
Characters: Cynthia, Alder, Juniper, Cynthia/Houndoom, implied spoiler )
Rating: this is porn
Warnings: human/pokemon sex, knotting, dubiously effective negotiation, plot
Summary: Cynthia gets a Houndoom as a gift from an admirer, but she's not quite sure what to do with him. It turns out she should perhaps be more concerned about what he will do with her.
Notes: originally written for this pokekink prompt; beta'd by my partner who doesn't even like Pokémon, I have no idea how I got them to read this


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